QlikView Extensions: ChartJS

While D3 is the “Big Daddy” of visualizations, Chart.js is a much smaller library that provides a number of appealing, animated, chart visualizations.  If you don’t need the extra functionality of D3 – or you want to get a snazzy chart up and running quickly – then Chart.js is worth checking out.

Here is an example Extension I built that uses their “polarArea” chart:


The code is available on my GitHub repo.

What you don’t see in the above, however, is the cool animation that happens when the chart renders.  For that, you’ll need to download my code and create the Extension.

There are a number of other charts available and they all have pleasing animations.  There is crossover in chart types between Chart.js and QlikView but the former has animations a.k.a. the “WOW” factor.  I highly recommend that you go to their website and take a look at the examples.  As always, being HTML+CSS+JS, the charts are configurable up the wazoo.

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